Letter from the CDG Team

So “new year new you” but if you are a hospitality establishment owner have you thought about “new year new interior”? Over the years wear and tear can take away from your busy aesthetics and it can suddenly seem that you require more than you were aware. Taking the time to walk through and assess your business may uncover the need for a bar top refinishing, a conversation-starting chandelier in the dining room, or perhaps an entire re-brand. You may never think about it, but even your restroom makes a statement for your business. 

Hospitality settings are continually trumping each other with unique interiors that keep customers returning and talking about your environment. Places like El Camino, Copper Point, and Sailfish Marina know first hand how much attention to the finer details can make a world of difference (Just a few of our past clients). Thereby having a definitive impact on your bottom line. 

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of interesting framed artwork to breathe new life into a room.

framed artwork in stairwell

Other times an appealing decor that you feel compelled to pose with and share on Instagram is the exciting missing piece. These pieces speak to your ever-evolving brand.

driftwood chandelier

With the season in full swing, it may seem impractical to take on a complete interior overhaul or even a small change but it is definitely a worthwhile thought to ponder and prepare for in the near future, as a summer build out. We are already gearing up to help you build in your post season. Contact us today to see how we can work together to provide you with the interior you’ve been dreaming of and the business growth you've been waiting for!  

Carey Design Group Admin